The Sale Stops Here! Don’t Do What I Did If You Want To Make More Amazon Profits

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The goal is to make a sale right? Definitely not! I’ll tell you why.

As an Amazon Associate marketer, my end-goal is, of course, seeing the “Orders” column in my Amazon dashboard have 3-4 figures of sales made from my website. That’s what we’re all aiming for, right?

But after a year of being an Amazon affiliate, I noticed a disturbing trend from my Amazon dashboard. The websites I have that have content that pushes a sale performed poorly compared to my other sites!

That’s a bit annoying for me to realize as those are the content that I’ve spent decent money for, while the websites where I just ‘wing it’ in content are doing so much better.

Build and They Don’t Come

So what’s different? What went wrong?

The main difference is the context of my content. Selling vs. Engaging… Engaging always win.

The Amazon affiliate product websites or Squidoo lenses that I’ve created with “making a sale” in mind have lackluster results compared to my content where I type casually and in a conversational manner.

When I finally learned this aspect of writing, all my other content sites have performed at least 100% better than my hard-sell sites.

As a writer and a marketer, it’s a big shift in mindset for me to not going straight to features, features, benefits, benefits… But as an affiliate, that doesn’t work.

Being an affiliate marketer means you’re PRE-SELLING and lowering the guard of your visitors before they commit to buy.

Amazon will do the job of the actual sale, let them do it! They’re a multi-billion company concentrating to make sales anyway!

Remember, I’m a seasoned writer like myself (I manage a dozen of writers myself the past decade!) could improve on my writing, I’m sure it’ll be easier for affiliate marketers to implement as well.

I just haven’t found this secret sauce!

Writing Proper Reviews with Reviewers Edge

So where did I learn how to write reviews properly?

I was fortunate enough to stumble on Erica Stone’s Reviewers Edge that pretty much is my gold-standard recommendation for Amazon associates.

If you’re interested about how to write proper Amazon review site content, you can check it out with Erica Stone’s Reviewer’s Edge.

After implementing Reviewer’s Edge style myself, I used the tips inside to give specific instructions to outsourced writers and now, it’s a breeze for me to scale and create high-converting content for my profitable Amazon sites!

The main gist of the product is to write content that persuades your visitors to consider and want the products you’re promoting WITHOUT SELLING.

Your job is not to sell, your job is to pre-sell and being their adviser so they’ll consider buying.

Try modifying your under-performing pages that are getting traffic already with the new writing format, you’ll see a significant bump in clicks and actual sales conversions pretty quickly.

I’ve experienced this myself again and again, you can’t go wrong if you stop being a pushy salesman. Just check out Reviewers Edge and you may find that this could be the turning point in your Amazon commission journey.

Grab Reviewer’s Edge Here

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