The Sale Stops Here! Don’t Do What I Did If You Want To Make More Amazon Profits

The goal is to make a sale right? Definitely not! I’ll tell you why. As an Amazon Associate marketer, my end-goal is, of course, seeing the “Orders” column in my Amazon dashboard have 3-4 figures of sales made from my website. That’s what we’re all aiming for, right? But after a year of being an […]

How I Lost Over $1000 In Earnings In 6 Days – It Will Happen To You, Eventually


How a server failure knocked out a week’s worth of earning. Back in late 2011, I had 2 sites that were pulling in approximately $150 a day through Amazon Associate program, Adsense, and Viglink combined. Along with these two sites were about 3 more ‘mini’ sites that I got a domain for, had WordPress installed, […]

Holiday Season and Black Friday Best Niche for Amazon Affiliates!

amazon holiday associate affiliates

Experience How Profitable Being an Amazon Affiliate Can Be This Holidays If you’ve downloaded my Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, you would’ve received my recent email about how I created a site from scratch for my son in August 2011 and it made over a thousand dollars be the end of the year. This was a site […]

How-To Guide On Hiring and Outsourcing Niche Site Content Using Freelance Writers


Writing Articles and Content for Niche Sites Is Hard! Or Is It? Writing for a personal blog or commercially is totally different from writing review sites. The sole purpose of our Amazon review sites is to provide highly useful information about products so that visitors can make an informed decision to make the purchase and […]

Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates | Differences and How It Affects Your Website


SEO Roulette It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game. The term isn’t even logical at this point, it should just be called KGB, in my opinion – Kiss Google’s Butt game as it is what it is, try to appease the largest search engine in the world. […]