My Coffee Niche Site – I’ll Show You EXACTLY How I Made My WordPress Niche Site – Part 2

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This series of posts discusses the topic on how to create a niche site for Amazon and Adsense monitization from scratch using a self-hosted WordPress site. You can read “I’ll Show You EXACTLY How I Made My WordPress Niche Site – Part 1” to find out information about registering a domain name, hosting account, installing WordPress, and opening Adsense and Amazon Associate accounts.

In Part 2 of my “How I made my WordPress niche site“, I’ll be showing you how I created the WordPress site contents, Adsense placement, Amazon product placement. and my basic link-building methods.

Creating Unique Site Content

Many think that writing unique and original article content for their websites are difficult, but in fact, article writing can be pretty simple especially when you do it often enough. The key is having a central idea in mind, in our case, our chosen keyword/phrase, and work around that topic ONLY.

  • The Title - Once you’ve determined what you have to write for, I suggest spending a lot of time thinking of a title for your article. The title will keep you from going off-topic as your article gets longer, so write a catchy and descriptive title before you even write the content.
  • TOC – Create a table-of-content list before you write. Write down all the topics you want to write about, each one of those topics can be a page on its own or a heading within your article. If you have 2 paragraphs worth of content per heading, and you’ve already planned out 3 headings for your article, you already have six paragraphs worth of text to work with!
  • Ideas from Websites – If you’re stuck on what to add, my advice is to simply go to sites like Amazon, epinions, ehow, etc. and search for your keywords or product. You’ll find a lot of people writing reviews and asking questions about your topic and you can incorporate those ideas into your own articles.

Remember that you’re writing a descriptive article, not a novel. Keep it brief, concise, and readable.

Placing Adsense Ads

I’m using Adsense ads for this niche site for most of the ‘above-the-fold‘ advertisement for my pages, as such, I’ve decided to put two Adsense elements on most pages. Above-the-fold simply means the area of your website that the visitor sees before they scroll down the page.

First is a large 336×250 rectangle (looks more like a square actually) left-flushed on each page. I left the links blue because blue links are pretty much a ‘look-at-me-i’m-a-link!’ color and I think it works well for niche sites.

I chose the ads to be TEXT ONLY instead of having graphics on them because I feel that text ads are more effective and people tend to skim past flashy graphics these days. Text ads provide you URLs and text descriptions that people can look at instead of waiting for a graphic to show them what the ad is about.

The second is an ad link under my header banner and site title. The simple 4-link ad unit looks very clean and very targeted to the site’s content.

Also, I’m already using graphic ads for my below-the-fold sections which I’ll explain below.

Adding Amazon Product Links

For my below-the-fold content, I’ve added a simple HTML table containing 6-9 product recommendations that link directly to my Amazon Associate affiliate account. The products are manually placed to make sure it’s relevant to the page’s content and the graphics add a little visual presentation to the site.

Basic Link Building Methods

My basic link building and traffic generation methods involve the following only:

  1. Submit/Bookmark each page to,, and for social bookmarking.
  2. Create accounts on free sites like WordPress, Squidoo, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. and create a one-page site with related content and have them link back to certain pages of my site. For example, in WordPress, I’ll write an article about general information of my coffee pots, then I’ll add a link with an anchor text pointing to “how to clean a coffee pot” of my main niche site. For Blogger, I’ll write another article about the characteristics of these coffee pots, then i’ll add a link that points to my “general faq about coffee pots” on my main site, etc. etc.
  3. Submit 3 slightly re-written versions of my main site content as an article for syndication on sites like ezinearticles, articlebase, infobarrel,  etc. I’ll submit 3 write-ups per site, each of those articles will have links back to my main niche site.
  4. I then ‘mass-ping’ my site using free sites like pingler, feedshark, millionpings, etc. I also ping the free websites I created on item #2 as well. I only ping one site a day using all three of those pinging services, however. I don’t ping all the sites successively.

That’s all I do really. I know I should look into other ways to get traffic, but being my first site with zero traffic to start off with, I want to keep things simple right now and I’ll wait and see how this method goes before adding new steps or methods to experiment with.

From time-to-time, I go back to Google and Google Keyword Tool to see if there are other search terms that people use that I can incorporate to my published pages, if there are, I’ll rewrite my site and re-optimize as necessary.
I hope these two articles on exact steps of creating my niche site helps you get started with your own niche sites.

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