Are Girly Projects The Way To Go for (Squidoo)?

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You’ve probably seen how much I love Squidoo in my old article and a lot of you have emailed me your success with your Squidoo lenses as well, telling me it’s the fastest method you’ve tried to earn from Amazon.

Recently, I received an email from Mary. She’s based in Indonesia and her question peaked my interest, here’s a snippet of it:

“Hi Dave,

I bought the WSO you’ve recommended a few months ago and I’m happy to report I earned my first 3-figure check over the holidays. My first check in 2 months off 2 Squidoo lenses, that’s awesome and thanks!

I noticed that Squidoo has a lot of moms hanging around and the homepage of Squidoo often features recipes, party themes and kiddie projects more than gadgets and things like that. Should I build lenses for those instead?”

That email from Mary got me thinking, my Squidoo lenses that worked well have always been kids toys and theme based items, like Lego, Star Wars, Bratz, and the like.. I’ve never tried “mother-centric” themes.

Then I got another email the other on a new way to do keyword research just to look for themes for female-dominant Squidoo audience and you can see it with the link as well.

babyinviteMary’s hunch was right, and as a man, it was a big wake-up call for me to never forget to match your Amazon promotions to the marketplace. Squidoo is a very family and female oriented platform and projects and themes dominate apart from recipes.

Every season, every occasion, as Amazon affiliates, we can create highly engaging lenses showing people how to complete the themed projects they had in mind. Things like scrapbooking, room decoration, parties, showers, etc.

The options are endless and relatively evergreen as well!

If you want to learn more on how to approach the keyword research and new Squidoo Lens designs for your Amazon promotions, check this product out.

Ideas, Ideas, I need Ideas!

It seems daunting to see how much opportunity niches there are out there, and you’re not alone.

As a guy, it’s not easy for me to appreciate women niches, particularly stay-at-home mom projects. But I have yet to see a arts & craft store catering to moms close down quickly. They all stay there, pulling in loyal customers year after year. So if you need ideas, I strongly suggest you checked out Ideas Xpress.

Ideas Xpress comes in a plethora of great lens niche options and the keyword research you need to make your lenses popular on Squidoo, which in turn, makes you money!

Click here to check out Ideas Express 

Email me when you find niches you’re excited on building and share us your Squidoo URL!

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