Calls to Action, The Secret To Converting Visitors to Amazon Sales


[adrotate banner=”37″] [adrotate banner=”30″] You finally found a niche, and a seemingly profitable one too! After you’ve found all the long tail keywords with your keyword tool, created a website using the Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, and creating epic review content for your products, you’d think you’re all set to convert any of your visitors to […]

Holiday Season and Black Friday Best Niche for Amazon Affiliates!

amazon holiday associate affiliates

[adrotate banner=”37″] [adrotate banner=”30″] Experience How Profitable Being an Amazon Affiliate Can Be This Holidays If you’ve downloaded my Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, you would’ve received my recent email about how I created a site from scratch for my son in August 2011 and it made over a thousand dollars be the end of the year. […]

Where to Download Stock Photos Free for Review Sites and Blogs

Thief Stock Phtoo

[adrotate banner=”37″] [adrotate banner=”30″] As a photographer and a blogger, I understand the need for decent images for websites as well as the ire of photographers seeing their photos stolen by bloggers and internet marketers. While most of the time, it’s OK to use images under fair use or education purposes, it’s a different game […]

5 Best Amazon WordPress Themes for Review Sites

ProReview Theme for Amazon

[adrotate banner=”37″] [adrotate banner=”30″] With all the planning required for an Amazon niche site, it’s critical that your WordPress theme suits the Amazon products you’re promoting as well. From color swatches to structure to usability of a good niche review site, there’s a lot to consider when starting your review site and this article breaks […]

Fastest Way To Get Started With Niche Sites (And Making Money Off Niche Sites)


[adrotate banner=”37″] [adrotate banner=”30″] We’ve all read about the process of creating a blog, niche site, or other online money-making projects. The process is pretty much the same thing: Find Topics You Have Interest In Find Out If There Are Ways to Monetize Do Keyword Research and Discover Viability of Buying Keywords Check Competition List […]