Calls to Action, The Secret To Converting Visitors to Amazon Sales

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You finally found a niche, and a seemingly profitable one too!

After you’ve found all the long tail keywords with your keyword tool, created a website using the Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, and creating epic review content for your products, you’d think you’re all set to convert any of your visitors to a click to Amazon and rake in the commissions.

You see daily traffic stats going up, but for some reason, your tracking tool tells you that nobody’s clicking to Amazon and they’re just leaving your page.

Head-scratching ensues, and you wonder what went wrong.

Calls To Action – Tell Them What To Do!

ctaIn every, single page or post you create, you must have a clear instruction on what you expect your visitor to do. You need to have one and only one call-to-action (CTA) for your visitor.

Don’t tell them to “Check Price” and “See Reviews” with equal weighting. Be clear on what you want them to do at that point of their site visit.

When your traffic is a cold-lead (like from SEO), odds are, you won’t be the last and final website they’ll visit before making that purchasing decision. So make sure that your non-review pages (informational, general articles) have CTA buttons leading towards more reviews on Amazon or within your site.

For actual review pages, you can have one single CTA button telling them to find the latest discount on Amazon rather than making them commit to “Buy Now!”.

Remember, the goal of your site is convince them to click to Amazon so you get the tracking cookie credit.

CTA Related Resources

I’ve compiled a great list of articles and tools for you to create compelling CTA buttons, make good use of them and see your Amazon check grow!

 Tools and Graphic Packs

  1. Massive Marketing Graphic Package PLR
  2. Marketing Graphics Toolkit Package

Optimize your CTA messaging and buttons now! Small changes can bring massive conversion benefits, so don’t skimp on this.

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