Holiday Season and Black Friday Best Niche for Amazon Affiliates!

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Experience How Profitable Being an Amazon Affiliate Can Be This Holidays

If you’ve downloaded my Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, you would’ve received my recent email about how I created a site from scratch for my son in August 2011 and it made over a thousand dollars be the end of the year. This was a site that capitalized on a very popular toy niche and rode the year-end quarter buying frenzy that occurs every year with Amazon.

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Holidays seasons are just amazing for almost every niche if you’re an Amazon affiliate, but there are some niches that REALLY do well and can gain quick traction unlike any other.

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One Niche To Rule Them All

You’ve probably noticed it by now, I’m talking about the toy niche. There are a lot of things to love about this niche and they’re practically a guarantee to be a success for any affiliate. Here are some reasons why you should get into this niche, and maybe even concentrate on toys if you like to learn about the dynamics of marketing.

Frank Kern mentioned before that for a niche to be profitable, the market has to have either irrational passion or a in lot of pain.

It has to be either, not both, and popular toys will always be in the irrational passion niche category. The fans of these toys spans from really young kids from age 4 or so, all the way to adults who don’t want to grow up (like myself).

Obviously, there’s no desperation pain involved with the toy niche, apart from parents going nuts with a whining child, maybe.

Niche Doesn’t Require Technical Reviews

Here’s the beauty of the toy niche, there’s really nothing to review!

Toys are pretty much self-explanatory, with the exception of video games and complex toys, there’s really nothing to review.

You just need to create a ‘wiki’ like site, putting your own spin on the show descriptions, character details, episode guide, and so forth and add relevant product links to each page and you’re done!

You can add dedicated product pages if you wish, just quote several reviews of the products in your page and that’s it!

Market is Voracious

The toy market is highly addictive, it appeals to me specifically because I’m a dad and I like most of the toys my kids like. In fact, I introduce toys to my kid most of the time and he gets exposed to old-school characters that many kids his age aren’t even aware of.

We’ve all seen how crazy and desperate kids and parents get when it comes to getting a hot toy for a child in the holiday season. These toys are so popular that physical stores like Toys R’ Us, Walmart, and the like will not stock enough just to keep the frenzy going.

We all remember the Tickle-Me-Elmo, Zuzu Pets, Nintendo Wii, and others that caused such a big stir in the past. Supplies were low and demand was astronomical. Stores were marking prices up by as much as 200% and still make sales and those who got in early scalp these items online like Super Bowl tickets.


This is probably the biggest factor to consider when creating sites for the holiday season. Limited shopping period.

The shopping frenzy for toys starts just before Black Friday (November) of each year for Amazon shoppers and stretches all the way until the year ends.

Black Friday offers huge discounts daily and it keeps buyers glued to Amazon’s product feed, then as you start marketing to your site visitors on the supply shortage, price increase, and shipping times, it becomes an easy sell for most products.

How to Research

The keyword research and niche selection process I’ve explained in detail in my Amazon Affiliate Blueprint still applies, but for the toy niche, you can get more validation using the process I’ll be sharing with you.

Cartoon Sites

Let’s face it, cartoons on TV will almost always sell more toys in the long run than one-off movies, no matter how blockbuster that movie was.

A movie will only be watched once or twice by the family, while cartoons pre-sell the toys on a daily basis with a less complex story line that just sticks to the kids’ minds.

So how do we find out which toy series sells? Visit cartoon sites!

Let’s take Cartoon Network, for example, you can simply visit their “Community” page and check the post-counts on each cartoon show. I suggest you pick three (3) cartoon shows to research and pick the best one.

In this example, the cartoon “Adventure Time” has a crazy amount of conversation thread. It’s a fun show to watch, by the way, I watch this myself.

Visit the sub-forum and see if there are a lot of character discussions around. With Adventure Time, it’s wildly popular in terms of viewer appeal.

I’ve also added “Ben 10” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” to the my research. The reason is, the three shows target different age groups, in my experience, the best toys are those targeted to the 4-10 year old range.

Cross-Check on Amazon Products

Now we head to Amazon and check for commercial viability.

For Adventure Time, we can see that most products are actually targeted towards pre-teens and even young adults. Most products are either DVDs, shirts, hats, and backpacks, and they’re not really that high priced.


For Ben 10 items, we can see a much better list of products as it includes toys, DVDs, books, and clothing. For Ben 10, the target demographics are boys between 4-9, just the right market for our needs.

It has enough products to cover a pretty big Amazon toy site as well.

For Star Wars: Clone Wars, it’s an even bigger sub-niche! As you probably know, Star Wars fans are really die-hard fans and the franchise is as evergreen as you can get.

Star Wars’ popularity cuts both ways, however. Tons of products to promote, but you also have tons of big sites already dealing with Star Wars as a niche.

I’m not a Star Wars fan, so the niche doesn’t interest me, but if you are, I’m sure you can churn out a very unique and high-quality site for this franchise.

Putting It All Together

Great, you found a cartoon franchise to promote! What’s next?

Now you gather your relevant keyword groups, sort out the site structure that’s good for SEO and user experience, and list down all the products you can promote. Follow the blueprint I gave you and start writing content for the site.

Make sure you create the following as well to help you with traffic and build your community site:

  • Facebook Fan Page – Get likes and syndicate your blog posts
  • Feedburner Feed – Collect RSS subscribers
  • Youtube Channel – Re-post cartoon commercials and other official videos on your channel for backlink/traffic.

Bonus – Multiply Your Income

I’ll keep this short, once you’ve picked a show to promote, pick a highly-searched keyword group and create Squidoo Niche Blaster lens group so you can have good backlinks pointing back to your site and have the Squidoo lens group make money off Amazon commissions as well.

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