About LNM

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Learn Niche Marketing Blog

For Learn Niche Marketing, my aim is to share my case studies, knowledge, and experiences to other beginners and novice online entrepreneurs on how to get started, what mistakes to avoid, how to stay motivated, and most of all, understand that this is a legitimate business model, and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

More importantly, I’m hoping that there are enough people out there, like yourself, who can give me advice and correct my mistakes in public, so that everyone who lands on my site can benefit from useful information.

I’m not here to sell you any products promising you that you’ll make millions and retire in the tropics in a month. I’d only recommend products and services that I have used and got real value from. I’m just here to share and learn with you as we all hop on this great Internet boat.

Why Do I Have Faith With Online Business Particularly Amazon?

I’ve had several business ventures that went really well purely because of how I used the Internet to my advantage, and none of those ventures involved deceit, scams, or shortchanging customers as well.

I’ve had most of these successes almost by accident, but it takes instinct and experience to know when to just go for it and do what’s ‘right’. Some of my past (and current) ventures include:

  • Online forum presence that resulted to an extremely successful physical business venture purely based on trust. In fact, the customers were lining up before the business even started!
  • An online store for a very niche product with zero knowledge of SEO, marketing, etc. back in 2001 with zero cash-out that resulted to hundreds of sales transactions for high-ticket items almost instantly.
  • Started a personal hobby blog with no knowledge of blogging and monetizing tactics that has been paying me several hundreds of dollars through Adsense.
  • Leveraged blog presence to sell a physical product that generated 30% gross profit within 20 days in a market we have little knowledge of.

Apart from the first item (my automotive business), all the other internet-generated businesses are relatively small-scale, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. The combination of timing, identifying hot demands, utilizing the speed of transactions on the Internet can open up many opportunities for entrepreneurs.

All you need is the dedication and an open mind that opportunities are always out there, and you’ll find a business that’ll fit your lifestyle, goals, and financial needs. If you make mistakes along the way, so be it, correct it and move on.

Amazon opened up a big income avenue for me as my main blogs were product-oriented. Once I started being aware of the possibilities of being a good Amazon Associate, my income literally grew by 50-80% the following months. Combined with Adsense strategies I’ve picked up and very basic, fundamental SEO skills, I was able to transform a site making a dollar a day (on a good day) to one making 8-10x more per day in 3-4 months.

However, none of these came easy. A lot of trial-and-error, frustrations, and investment (and scams) went through my hands but things eventually got clearer when I started focusing more on Amazon alone. But remember this,

…until you take action, nothing will ever happen.