5 Best Amazon WordPress Themes for Review Sites

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With all the planning required for an Amazon niche site, it’s critical that your WordPress theme suits the Amazon products you’re promoting as well.

Wordpress Themes for Amazon SitesFrom color swatches to structure to usability of a good niche review site, there’s a lot to consider when starting your review site and this article breaks down five of the best Amazon niche site WordPress themes in terms of visual appeal, conversion, and ease of use.

Before creating your site, however, make sure you’ve structured your content and navigation correctly, otherwise, you might not get the SEO results you want. Grab the free Amazon Affiliate Blueprint here for reference.

You can expect a more professional looking site that won’t drive visitors away and in turn, better conversions as well.

Free or Paid WordPress Themes for Amazon Review Sites?

You can use both free and paid premium themes for your site, of course, but there are some distinct advantages of opting in a premium theme instead of a free ones such as:

Premium Theme Free Theme
Clean Coding Yes Yes (Some)
Support Yes No
Cost $20-$100 None
Flexibility Customization High Low
Required Backlink to Author No Yes

The amount of immediate support and ease of customization are good enough reasons for many to invest in a premium theme.

If you still prefer a free theme, make sure you only download from legitimate repositories like WordPress.org as many ‘free theme’ sites embed links and codes that either hijack your affiliate earnings or links to an external site that may be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

Best WordPress Themes for Amazon Review Niche Sites

So let’s get started. The themes are listed in no particular order, but I’ll do my best to suggest what kind of niche works well with certain themes.

The download links for the themes are at the bottom of this article.

WP-Critique By Solostream

I tend to like creating bigger review sites, one that has more than 20 products reviewed with at least 10 or so info articles. I find them better converting than thin review sites.

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WP-Critique by Solostream is one of the newest themes in their theme pack and it’s excellent for a professional-looking product review site.

All the high-end features present in a premium WordPress theme and the support available is hard to match. They’re significantly cheaper than Studiopress, for example, since you get access to all their teams with one subscription price.

Get WP-Critique

Elegant Themes InReview

I personally use the InReview theme for two niche sites right now, first is my case study coffee niche site, the other is a sporting good site.

Elegant Theme inreview for Amazon

Click to View Demo

I like this theme for a several of reasons:

1) Really clean and professional design. It fits the serious product market more than digital goods unless you start changing the fonts and color scheme (which are pretty simple with Elegant Themes’ back-end administration).

2) Inclusive rating system for both author and user.

3) Instant call-to-action buttons integrated.

The InReview theme is a safe, go-to theme for me that suits many physical product niches, particularly if you want to show off medium sized images (400-500px images).

Get InReview Theme

Magazine Basic

I use this free theme for one of my most successful Amazon niche sites, and to give credit where it’s due, I discovered this from M.K of Winkpress.com, you can check out the great post on building an Amazon store for free here.

Magazine Theme Basic for Amazon Store

Click to Download from WordPress

I used his exact tutorial from top to bottom and created a toy niche website that has been making money since the first month it went live.

The Magazine Basic theme works in this regard because I was using Amazon Product-in-a-Post plugin that manually creates a store front within WordPress.

There’s a lot of hard work involved populating a big site like I did (over 50 products) but if you’re just adding 10-15 products, it’s a cinch.

I don’t want to replicate the steps to create an Amazon store with Magazine Basic as MK already listed it, but if you’re going to create a site with a lot of products or plan to use an automatic product insertion script like WP-Zon Builder, then this theme is just perfect visually and for conversions.

Get Magazine Basic

Weaver II

I’ve used the original Weaver theme with good success in the past for both a content-based blog as well as an Amazon + Adsense site. The new Weaver II is just a lot better than the old one with so much new features and even faster loading.

Weaver 2 Theme

Weaver II supports mobile right-off-the-bat, no plugins required. In addition, you can show or hide specific elements on pages and posts as well.

Remember that Weaver II is a free theme, and while there is a Pro version that’s great for those with advanced HTML/CSS experience, I feel that the free version will make most Amazon affiliate publishers happy.

Get Weaver II Theme

ProReview Theme

Last but not least, the ProReview theme. This is one of the best themes you can use for Amazon review sites. The features are just plenty and very suited to convince readers to take action and click your “buy now” buttons. All you really need to do is write convincing content.

ProReview Theme for Amazon

View Demo

Like Elegant Theme’s InReview, it features ratings features, ad management, custom menus and easy-to-customize interface.

One key and worthwhile feature of ProReview is the ability to change layouts easily, allowing you to mix and match page layouts depending on the purpose of the specific page.

The ProReview theme is extremely easy to use and very professional looking.

Get ProReview Theme


Theme Download Links

Pick a theme that matches your site’s intended purpose. Or in case of Solostream and Elegant Themes, just get the cheap subscription for over 60 available themes.

I own and use all of these themes across my different sites and blogs and I literally try a new theme almost every other month for testing.

These themes work and I’ve basically narrowed down my list to those 10 for the most part, which streamlined my website production quite a bit.

The premium themes often pay for themselves as the support is just stellar for a CSS noob like myself. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

If I must pick just one for Amazon affiliates, it’d definitely be the Elegant Themes pack for value, ease-of-use, and visual appeal.

  • Guest

    I’ve tried a few of these themes. I find Pro Review Theme to the be best theme for product reviews and it’s the easiest one to work with for Amazon & ClickBank integration.

    • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

      I agree, especially if you’re running both programs, it’s a very simple theme to implement :)

  • Justin

    After trying some of these I like Pro Review Theme the best.

  • Jason

    I am looking for a review theme that focuses on the user’s reviews and allows users to review and give ratings across multiple criteria. Both InReview and Pro Review allow the author/admin to review on multiple criteria, but the user can only review overall. Any suggestions?

    • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

      Hi Jason, I’ve used the free plugin – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-customer-reviews/ in conjunction with InReview with good feedback…

      It worked well enough because it was a digital product and it was easy to rate/test and has the volume, I haven’t implemented it on physical products.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.streubel Sam Streubel

    I just bought the developer’s version of ProReview but the download link for the plug-ins, specifically the SEO plug-in, doesn’t work. If you don’t have the SEO plug-in to overwrite reviews.myreviewsite.com to myreviewsite.com it’s impossible to achieve meaningful page rank.

    Sent an email two days ago to find out what gives but have gotten no response – typical. Nothing left to do but request a refund. Too bad, I really like the theme’s interface.

    • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

      Hmm, I haven’t encountered that before because I always use Ultimate SEO as my SEO plugin… ProReview has been pretty responsive with support in the past when I bought them (about 6mo ago).. If their support is lousy now, I’ll have to remove them from my recommended list as it’s no longer a good product if support isn’t there.

      Have you tried using a redirection plugin?

      As for the domain review.xyz.com, my old website was using reviews.davidleetong.com and it was working OK, didn’t really notice any ranking penalty or shortcomings, but that was pre-Panda/Penguin though.

      Thanks for your input… I’ll investigate if there are different ways to get them to respond.

      • Joe

        I tried to find ProReview in the theme directory at wordpress.org but it’s not there. Why not? Because there’s not a free version?

        • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

          It’s a paid theme

          • Joe

            Thanks for the reply. Do you still believe these are the top 5 themes for an Amazon affiliate site or are there new themes that are better? Has your opinion changed?

          • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

            I haven’t been trying new themes anymore these days, it takes a lot of time to get familiarized with themes and get them to work the way you want it so I tend to stick to the themes I’m familiar with, mainly Elegant Themes and match the format to the product niche.

            If the product remands a lot of specifications and explanation, I use more complex layouts from Elegant such as InReview or Nexus. For simpler, more self-explanatory products, I tend to stick with themes with larger images and cleaner layouts.

            IMHO, once you find one or two themes that converts and you’re familiar with, stick with it. There’s really no reason to use a different theme per site, just tweak the color theme, banner/call-to-action placement and you should be good to go.

  • http://twitter.com/bestbreadmakerb bestbreadmakerbread

    i am love ProReview Theme

  • jason

    I would also like to mention the Topreview Theme http://topreviewtheme.com I think it just came out this month.

  • http://jeremylinfanshq.com/ Jeremy Lin Fans HQ

    Weaver has a new update last month.
    Elegant Themes added more than 5 great themes that Amazon affiliates can use as well.

    • Joe

      I was reading reviews of Weaver 2 on wordpress.org. One guy warned that Weaver is getting targeted by malware attacks and that some sites had been blacklisted by Google. Is it more insecure than other themes?

      • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

        I doubt that it’s “blacklisted” as Weaver is still widely used and I personally still have 2 sites that runs it with no problems the past few years. I think what you’ve read in the past was more about the theme creator’s WEBSITE got hacked, hence the Google warning, not the theme itself that has the trouble. You can read the response Bruce (the site/theme owner) made on WordPress support page – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/weaverthemecom-site-blocked?replies=8

        • Joe

          Thanks for the reply. Can you put Adsense ads on your Amazon affiliate site also? Or would doing both on one website somehow mess something up or get dinged by Google for having too many ads on your site?

          • http://www.davidleetong.com/ David Lee Tong

            You certainly can, I have a few sites with both types of banners but each banner you add reduces the effectiveness of the other. But of course, always experiment.

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