Results in Removing Junk Links on Amazon Niche Sites

Check Out Titanium Backlink

Since Google unleashed Panda and Penguin to weed out bad links and address spam, the old “backlink packages” sold on Warrior Forum and similar sites have resulted to near-zero value to webmasters. In fact, many niche sites owners have reported that their sites tanked and never recovered for over a year since these algorithm changes […]

European Amazon Associates – Infographic on How Europeans Buy Gadgets and Electronics


Here’s a great infographics for our European Amazon affiliates. If you’re wondering what product niches in the digital electronics category Europeans like to spend on, here’s your resource. Note that even if you’re not catering to the European market, you can always earn Amazon clicks from other countries using this tutorial. 5 Trends in European […]

Calls to Action, The Secret To Converting Visitors to Amazon Sales


You finally found a niche, and a seemingly profitable one too! After you’ve found all the long tail keywords with your keyword tool, created a website using the Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, and creating epic review content for your products, you’d think you’re all set to convert any of your visitors to a click to Amazon […]

ALWAYS Monitor Your Sites To Avoid Traffic Loss (and Income!)


  $$$ and Traffic – Gone with a Cache I just had a big and costly revelation today. Since the start of this month, I saw a drastic drop in earnings on my photography site ( but I didn’t see anything strange. So I did what most webmasters do, I tweaked the layout a big, […]

Are Girly Projects The Way To Go for (Squidoo)?


You’ve probably seen how much I love Squidoo in my old article and a lot of you have emailed me your success with your Squidoo lenses as well, telling me it’s the fastest method you’ve tried to earn from Amazon. Recently, I received an email from Mary. She’s based in Indonesia and her question peaked […]